Janet Flinn Australian Wildlife Artist: Resume

Janet Flinn finds most of her favourite subjects such as parrots, kookaburras, robins, wrens and magpies, in her garden and local bushland, however, each year she travels hundreds of kilometres to observe and sketch Australian birds and animals in their natural habitat

Allowing the subject to suggest her approach and medium, Janet Flinn contrasts opaque paint against transparent watercolour, solid shapes against fine lines and accurate rendering against loose and spontaneous brushwork. Compositions are carefully planned with a particular interest in the use of space and asymmetry. She depicts her subjects in a realistic manner, but places them on a background where the colours and shapes work in a non-narrative way to suggest their environment.

A dedicated Artist Janet Flinn has held solo exhibitions at galleries including Waverley City Gallery, her most recent being at Town & Country Gallery, Princes Highway, Yarragon. After a career of teaching, Janet who holds a Graduate Diploma in Art Education, teaches artists at selected workshops and has taken executive roles in Art Societies.

Janet Flinn's original Pen and Ink Drawings of the local Flora and Fauna have been fabricated into attractive metal signage set along the Walking Trail at Valley Reserve, Mt. Waverley, Victoria. An initiative of Monash City Council and the Friends of Valley Reserve, the new signs will enhance visitors' knowledge and enjoyment of this attractive park.

Janet's work has been published in. Calendars, magazines including feature articles in "Australian Artist" and "International Artist", as cards and as Limited Edition Prints in Australia and Europe. Feather & Brush: Three Centuries of Australian Bird Art, by Dr. Penny Olsen, published by CSIRO, a comprehensive illustrated history of bird art in Australia, features a selection of Janet's work. Janet is delighted when such publications raise funds to aid the creatures that inspire her art, and actively supports conservation projects.

Janet Flinn hopes her paintings inspire the viewer to appreciate the magic of the unique wild creatures of Australia and that this will bring further understanding for the need for the protection of their habitat. Even something as simple as growing Australian plants in home gardens helps local birds and brings their beauty into our lives.

All art is copyright and must not be reproduced in any form at all without the consent of the artist ©

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